Hey y'all!
Not been here for a long ole time.
I firstly apologise I have been head deep in designing contracts and not been surfing the knitting sites as much as I did.

Since I been gone, I have written 2 new book and wanted to share them with you all.

Nice to be back - Happy Knitting Guys!!

Yesterday, I was sorting through old knitting patterns and etc and I found some articles from "Menknit - the world's first 'zine for men who knit". The last issue I have is dated 2006. I suppose I had forgotten all about them over the years as I've moved away from spending so much time at the computer. I did try their web address ( but it only comes up as a resource page.
So, does anyone know what's become of this e-zine or the man who created it?

Dakota Dreams Stranded Slipover

I just finished this garment this week and thought I'd share it. It is called 'Dakota Dreams' from the book "Fearless Fair Isle Knitting". As you can see from the design, it really isn't a Fair Isle pattern but rather it is a modern design done in stranded knitting. There are two offerings of the garment: this colourway for men and a softer one in blues for women.

Bowl me over.

Hey, so I'm a potter,(and a knitter, of course) and I thought I'd pick your all's brains. I do lots of yarn bowls, and recently thought of increasing my line. Is there anything you've been looking for, knit accessory wise that I could make, that you've been unable to find?

What I've been up to

It's been a long time away. Currently a potter who knits on the side. Yes, yarn bowls and things to store needles and notions. The things on my needles: Finishing a sweater for my mom. Finishing a Scarf made of tiny crocheted skulls (It just needs to be sewn together), and one of my favorite sweaters that needs retailoring and repair.