Walking the JayWalkers' path....

JayWalkers #2

Started: 22nd December 2006
Finished: 14th February 2007
Yarn: Regia Canadian Colour 4-ply sock yarn, colour #4733 "Ottawa"
Needle: 2.5 mm/ US #1/#2 Inox dpns
Pattern: JayWalker by Grumperina on MagKnits

At last I finished my second pair of JayWalkers. Although it seems that my gauge had tightened when I came to the second one (the one below - notice the toe, there's no pink stripe going through the brown), so it turned out somewhat smaller than the first....although I have to say that the stripings match up almost perfectly on both socks.

I've washed them already but won't be wearing them just yet...maybe on this Sunday to SnB.

JayWalkers #3

Started: 1st February 2007
Finished: WIP
Yarn: Lana Grossa's Meilenweit Magico, colour #2528
Needle: 2 mm/ US #1 Addi Turbos circs
Pattern: JayWalker by Grumperina on MagKnits

I've also started my first Project Spectrum.

This is the first time I'm doing a sock on MagicLoop and I really like the technique. I also like DPNs....however I'm not very fond of the 2 circs it seems that I would stick to using either DPNs or MagicLoop for now on and reserving 2 circs for when I don't have spare needles. (I ordered the Addi Turbo extra for doing MagicLoop)

I have to admit though that I've started this before February, but ended having to frog the whole thing out and start again. I started off using the 2.5 mm Addis (my usual size for socks), brushing aside what I've heard about the gauge being looser with Addi Turbos than with normal knitting needles....I got about 3/4 of the leg in the picture done and asked an opinion of my friend, who rightly pointed out that it seemed too loose. So I ended up frogging the whole thing and restarting with 2 mm Addis instead.

And, yes, it's another JayWalker. I know, I'm so pathetic. But really, I can't find any other patterns that I like out there....most of the challenging sock patterns seem to gear towards women, i.e. lacey...and I don't think that I want any holes in my socks, thank you very much. If it's something for men, it's kinda dull with chunky cables. It's also a dilemma that I don't want to just knit a pair of simple stockinette socks because it's just going to bore me to death....but maybe it might be a good mindless knitting. I might attempt it. But for now, it's JayWalker all the way. :-p

Anyway, hope you guys have a good week...and also a great weekend coming up. Take care!

Food for the ears: "All by myself" - Jackie O'Neal, Soundtrack from The Bridget Jones's Diary. Listen to the song on my Vox

My Latest Projects

Hey guys!!! Been awhile since I posted. Yeah I've been busy. Just thought I would invite you all to visit my website at to see pictures of my latest projects I've got working. There is a scarf, a backpack, and a "secret project". I hope everyone is having a wonderful time with your knitting projects.

Dishcloth and other stuff

Well I finished my dishcloth. Actually I finished it on Saturday, I am just slow with the upload on photos or saying I am finished.

I was a simple pattern and I only made a few mess ups besides the obvious hole in it from the dropped stitch. I don't this too bad for my first time with needles.

I also show a scarf in progress and three hats that I made on my knifty knitters. The red and black hat was the first knitting project ever. the green, black and red one that stands on its own is something I did on the way to New York to see "Altar Boyz" (I started the day before and finished on the way to the show.) The green, black and red, laying across my vintage ice bucket I did for me to wear over my locks. Dread Locks are hard to cover and you need a big hat!

Well that is all for now! And I am stil excited.


Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting

Went yesterday to see the new knitting exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design here in NYC. If you're in the NY area, I strongly recommend that you make a point of seeing this small, but absolutely fascinating exhibit. My favorite piece in the show was the one inch tall sweater with a Picasso painting on the front that was knitted on surgical needles. There's a blind nun somewhere I'm sure. Check it out at...

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!...Everybody!!!

Hi everybody!!! Happy V-Day!!!
I just want to share this lovly poem with youguys!

"When the sun rises above the horizon
bringing forth the day....
My heart whispers your name.
When the sun hovers proudly above the Earth
casting all sadness away....
My heart whispers your name.
When the sun sinks below the Earth’s edge
having painted its promise to return one day....
My heart whispers your name.

Like the blood flowing through my veins
You are a part of me....
Deeply ingrained in my heart.

And should the sun ever sink never to rise again
And your heart ceases to beat my name in refrain,
Then my heart will continue whispering
its endless whisper....your name.

Like the flesh covering my body
You are a part of me
Deeply ingrained in my heart."

Melanie Bartelt


Naughty Chap!!

Hi everyone! Long time no chat! Apologies for not having submitted anything for a long time...I visit all the time and it's great to see everyone busy as ever! Well, there has been STEAM coming off my D.P's lately...I found a really cute pattern for wristwarmers ( 'fetching' at 'knitty'), and have been powering through several pairs, some of which will be winging their way to New Jersey for a girlfriends birthday next week! I would highly recommend them as a quick, last minute gift...and the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran is knitted on a needle-size down...they have a beautiful feel and are a pleasure to make! Of course there are also socks on the go; MORE Koigu in stunning purples/burnt oranges! STILL haven't found a sweater pattern I like yet...I would like something quite fitted with a retro feel and v-neck...yep! I'm not asking for much, am I?!!! So, if anyone has an idea...Take care, everyone! Ivan