Favorite Knitting Bags?

Hello Gentlemen,

The Best Beloved is growing irked at the loose balls of yarns flowing out of the wicker basket, and covering a surprising amount of space. Having just walked down from the office to the kitchen to pour a cup of tea, I was amused to notice that there is yarn here in the office, yarn in the living room on the sofa, yarn in the dining room on the table, under the table, and on the piano. The Best Beloved is not amused, and threatening to purchase a knitting project type bag for me for a Christmas gift.

I was wondering if anyone out there has a particularly favorite bag that they use for storing projects - yarn, needles, measuring devices, etc? If you would kindly share them with me, I will, kindly of course, pass on the recommendations to the Best Beloved.

Jonathan in rainy DC

Sock Question

OK, guys, help me out here. I'm doing this Babbas Bed Sock, and it says to knit the foot until length desired, then begin the toe decreases. Well, how do I know the length of foot desired? Do you measure from the heel to the ball of the foot, or do you know if its a men's 11, you knit 8 inches then begin decreases or something like that from some set formula? Any help would be appreciated.

How cool is this?

Thank you Bill for tuning me into this site!

I finished my first simple cotton washcloth after who knows how many scarves... Hoping to create a pattern to make a bunch of so I can replace my current tattered ones.

This one I learned from a lady at a yarn shop. Jotted it down on an envelope and tried to make it work... not perfect on my first attempt but I like it.

Basic wash/dish-cloth on the bias:
* Cast-on 4, knit 2-3 rows
* At 4th row, K3, YO, K1
* Continue doing YO at second to last stitch until you get to 39 stitches.
* K2, K2 together, YO, K2 together, K to end
* At 4 stitches remaining, cast off

And yes, the lace-ish border is different on half.

-- EDIT --
I forgot to mention: US 10.5 with "Peaches & Creme" 4-ply cotton was recommended though I did mine on US 6 needles

Sick of Felting

OK, I felted my last item last night. Had 2 more purses to do. I have hung up my felting for a while. I now want to do tiny! I started my first pair of socks. Using a pattern I found of knitty I believe for "Babba's Bed Socks" It goes cuff down. I had a little trouble turning the heel but I think its coming out ok. Doing it in Red/White in tribute to the amazing Sooners! May they beat the socks/jocks off Boise State! :-) Anyway, I'm ready to do tiny. Doing these socks with 5 DPN size 4 I believe. I wish I wasn't so loose! :-) Anyway, Merry Christmas!


I'm crafty!

and now the whole damn interweb knows it!

the world is mine!!!!!


p.s. if you dont watch this show you totally should. it is super funny.


that's me. that's what i sound like when i watch it.

noone's perfect

Oh well - it's my 2nd attempt at the "star" cap - the first one turned out pretty well - so I decided I am now a guru - (RIGHT!) and did hat #2 using all knit for the hat part instead of the k4p1 that cosmo suggested in his pattern. the result: a too big hat that looks rediculous on, and a frustrated knitter - although, I did learn some and I'm glad I did it - it just makes me a little scared about trying other more complicated fair isle hats because I'd be crying if I had made a hat that was really complicated and time consuming pattern!

Anyway, look and laugh - I'm OK with it - :)

Sock It To Me!!

I am now the proud owner of some Opal self patterning wool, some scary double pointed needles and cold toes. I know there are some master sock knitters lurking on this site and I am hoping you can point me in the right direction of some websites that will ease me gently into how to knit socks.

Also are double pointed needles they way to go or should I be investing in some circular needles?

Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

Shameless Self Promotion

yes - this is an advertisement.

In addition to knitting I sing. Sometimes even in public. sometimes even for fiscal renumeration!

anyway - I have two CD's for sale - either of which I'm told are pleasant to listen to (yes, by people unrelated to me) and one of which in particular makes is an appropriate purchase in the Christmas season.

either or both can be ordered

via e-mail @

or via PayPal with the same e-mail address.

or via PM here at MWK

Don't forget a shipping address!

I'll accept cash, checks,PayPal and quite probably even barter!

some samples can be heard at:

Mudcat Cafe Songbook

Pricing is $12 post postpaid for one, $10 per additional CD in the same order.


17 tracks of mostly traditional Christmas carols performed by myself and friends from the cast of 'A Dickens Christmas in Skaneateles' (an annual festival in upstate NY)

The sounds of traditional street caroling as you might have heard it in the mid 1800's. Or so was the intention.

The tracks marked with an * have other vocals in addition to myself. Track 17 is a lad who has 6 years experience playing our 'Tiny Tim'

It's been a while & Tooting my own horn.

When I look at the September date of my last post, I realize that life has taken over from blogging and reading other people's blogs. Lots has been going on here and I've missed so much. I really must work on coming to this site at least twice a week.

On my personal blog, I've got lots of FOs you can see scarves (with accompanying patterns), socks, toques, etc. I'm almost all ready for the holidays.

To toot my own horn, I was just interviewed by a Chilean knitting forum about men who knit. If you read Spanish, you can check it out at
RevésDerecho ( It's not KnittyGritty (congrats Charles!, btw), but it's something.

Have a great holiday season all!

I need your help!

Hello to all at MWK

As the title suggests I need your help. There appears to be a national shortage of men's knitting patterns in the UK and I have been trying to find a pattern for a jumper that I can use larger needles (15-17mm) and there's nothing here in the UK. I fancied a change from double-knit yarn and wanted to use the chunky or super chunky yarns. So therefore I send out a plea to those MWK around the world to point me in the right direction!!