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Ha! I remembered my Log In name!

I picked up knitting again during Hurricane Ike. There are only a few of things you can do by candlelight while awake, and I, for one, got tired of playing with my candle.

Well, That Was A Waste Of Time

I finally finished my first project, a beanie (london beanie) that I found on the net. After taking it on a plane and knitting a week, HA!

Knits! on a Plane!

I'm not sure if I smuggled my knitting into the airport, or they actually allowed #6 circular needles. I'm going with smuggled, it sounds more bad-ass.

BRAINS! - Someone Tell Me Someone Can Turn This Into A Hat

The link points to a knitted bag that looks like a brain. It looks like it's a long stuffed knitted tube sewn together. This just begs to be transmogrified into a cool beanie.

Knit Blog Find For Beginners Like Me

I just found the TECHknitting blog, and I daresay it's one of the best howtoknit blogs I've seen so far.

Intarsia? I hardly even know her! (and other stuff)

Punkfairy came up with an awesome suggestion for a knitting project: a pair of boxers or briefs. I think I shall research on making one as a hat.

Wow! It's More Than Two Inches!

Here's my first project that I haven't abandoned yet. I got it from a how-to book as one of the first projects when I was reading up on knitting.

First Post!

Hi! I'm new and I'm glad I found this site. How are you guys doing?