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Great friend is getting married...

and I want to knit her a veil. She just got engaged about 36 hours ago and i came up with a great idea to knit her a fine lace shetland veil but I have no idea where to begin?

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I have a question...

I have yet to knit a sweater, sad I know, but I don't want to knit a regular sweater. My question is wether you all think men would wear an innovative sweater.

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Does anyone know any good resources for intarsia grid pictures. I need to make an anatomical heart, hands, and a spider and I need some inspiration.

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Finals are almost over...

Finals are over on wednesday and I can get back to knitting. Thank goodness for winter break. I have a few projects started but have not yet had time to finish anything.

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I feel bad...

I have yet to put anything on my blog yet...But I have been busy with finals coming up, a promotion at work, and sleeping? Anyway one day I will put some stuff up.