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OT - The Softer Side

Seemingly like many of us over the last couple of weeks, I have been experiencing my share of stress and frustration. As Mil said... something in the water.

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Retail Therapy Needed

When the going gets tough... the tough so shopping.

However, there isn't anything in the MenWhoKnit store that is really fun, edgy or exciting.

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Where Art Thou, Brother?

Has anyone heard from Jason1978 lately?

I know he had been going through chemo but he hasn't been on here in well over a month.

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Lock Nest Hat

My knitting buddy, Beth, found this fun and funky pattern for the Lock Nest Hat by designer Teri Barr in Interweave Felt magazine (Special Issue 2007) and has already knit up two for herself.

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Andy's Cashmere House Socks

My Most Beloved puts up with a lot when it comes to my knitting and fiber addiction. I am so lucky to have such a loving and supportive partner. He has long had one request... Cashmere Socks!

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Baby Uggs Booties

I finished the Baby Uggs Booties that I have been working on. There are a quick knit, really, but I did the Second Sock using the wrong size needles so it became the first sock of the second set!

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New Pictures

My sister's husband is a semi-professional photographer and took some shots of my sister wearing the shawl I made for her!

Makes me so proud!!

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The Agony of Da Feet !

After all my joy and celebration of completing my short row heel turn and picking up and concealing all my wrapped stitches without any assistance... I tried on my sock!

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OMG!! I am so freaking excited I literally jumped up and down, flapping my hands like a plum fool while screaming like a pre-adolescent Japanese school girl on fire!!

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The Purple Diamond

I ventured into Chicago yesterday to yarn hop and meet up with friends for dinner.