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Row Counter

Can you guys help me find a specific electronic row counter?

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New Year Focus

With Christmas now a recent memory... I have informed my Most Beloved that he will suffer no more with his year old acrylic knitted goods!

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Odd! Ravelry Button

I just noticed on Sunday that when I open Mozilla Firefox browser... the Ravelry logo appears next to both the Ravelry and the MenWhoKnit quick link buttons on the toolbar.

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Cable Problem

On Monday, TottyatPC posted about wanting to do single cabled scarf and CRMartin posted links to two patterns on Ravelry. I was really taken with the second one listed.

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Dr. Bombay! Dr. Bombay! EMERGENCY!! Come Right Away!!

The following took place last night at work...

"Thank you for calling the Emergency Department. This is Bill. How can I help you?"

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Kids Hats

In yet another attempt to create EZ's Spiral Cap (and failing once again), I ended up creating a hat in Peace Fleece "Firebird Orange" for my friends daughter, Mari.

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Gauge Gone Wild

or... "Math is HARD!"

I don't know what I did wrong here but the results are certainly entertaining to look at! If Clowns weren't so disturbing...

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Knitting as Commodity

One of the other nurses in the ER agreed to cover a shift for me IF I agreed to knit up a cute hat for her daughter.

How could I resist. Look at the eyes on this angel!

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The Shark Hat

This is a hilarious knit! I did it for a buddy of mine up in Toronto whose online name is "Shark Boy"... I am sending it off to him tomorrow.

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MWK Scarf Enchage 1

Finally posting a picture of the scarf that I knitted for the MWK Scarf Exchange 1. I did the "Danica" entrelac scarf by Jesse Loesberg off of I made the scarf one square wider...