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Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair - Woodstock, IL

Friday - Saturday - Sunday
July 18, 19 & 20, 2008
McHenry County College, Woodstock, IL

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Blocking Superwash?

Curious if any of you have used superwash wool in a garment that needs blocking.

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Cast On! Faux Spanish Lace Shawl

Heading down to Nashville to meet Paul's Mom in a few weeks and wanted to knit her something special. MMario's Faux Spanish Lace Shawl (that many of you have done so beautifully) fits the bill!

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Wool & Recycled Silk


I read a posting last night from Scottly about his Himalayan Tote Bag and his having used the recycled silk yarn. Nightmares ensued!

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The Basics

Here is a pic of the stockinette scarf I am knitting up for my sister in this awesome 100% Baby Alpaca Bulky in teal. It is so soft!

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King of The Frog Pond

I have been ripping out and starting over on seemingly everything lately. It's kinda depressing and I was really down on myself with my projects.

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Janesville/Milton Wisconsin KNIT IN

I had heard tell of an upcoming Knit In in Milton, WI sponsored by the Janesville Knitting Guild.

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Long On Knitting - Short On Altitude!

The blocking is complete, the gift was wrapped with care... and Sara and I worked a shift together last night. She loves her very large, very beautiful scarf! Wow, it looks so BIG on her!! Blocking it made all the difference.

She insisted that she pose for the photo with the full length showing (although I think she phrased it, "so people can see how short I am!"

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Organization Rears It's Ugly Head

Tonight's the night.

I have the stash piled high around the dining room table... laptop at the ready... digital camera poised to shutter...

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Sara's Prairie Fire Scarf

This scarf was created for one of my preceptors at work. Just got it done and Paul (PaxKnitter) helped me block it.