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new FO'S

what sup I have a few new projects I have finnished that I thought I would share with you...

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I forgot to update you guys...

so I have had a bit of a crazy few weeks, and i posted about it over on my blog but forgot to link you guys over to it so you could know the craziness that is my life....

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Scarves for HIV+ youth

Hey guys I volunteer at BAY POZ (Bay Area Youth Positives) out here in San Francisco and was hoping to ge yout guys’s help. I wanna give the clients here a scarf for Krystmas… We are a org that helps 16-26 year olds living with HIV+ most of which are homeless or living in a group home.

I know is kinda cutting it close but we have around 30 people active in the agency and I cant possibly knit everyone a scarf and get my holiday knitting finished…

Is ther anyway I can talk 25 of you guys into knitting a quick scarf to give to away as a holiday gift?

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yep im crazy...

I'm knitting 2 entralac scarves and a Stole...and going to cast on a forth scarf for me....Why do I torture myself so....*sigh*

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New Spinning method

This blows my mind... I totalyl had a DUH! moment when I seen this...

(runs out to find some hard rubber balls and roving)

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So I'm taking the plunge....

And going to start drafting up a "bitch its time to take back your knitting" book, I'm teaming up with my good friend ShadeKitty and we are thinking up fun ideas and things to have in it...this is pro

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A letter to a Non-Knitter

Dear Non-Knitter;

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giving away a new pattern

Hey guys I just thought I would tell you that if your looking for a new project, I'm offering my Simple Elegance as a free with donation pattern :-)

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Hosting a scarf exchange...

Over on Ravelry if anyone is interested :-)

I'd like some more boys besides me to be in it so I thought I would share with the class...

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looking for a for test knitters..

Would any of you find strapping men like to test my glove pattern.