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Been years!

Hey, all, it's been years since I've been on this site. What a lot of things have changed! I am still knitting, weaving, etc., etc. And I just had twin granddaughters. So, of course I had to knit the baby blankets for them. Here's a couple of photos - out ot the 100s I have. My wife crocheted the turban in the one photo...I'm not much of a crocheter - only do blanket borders.

I've had my 15 minutes of fame!

A man who knits (me) had his 15 minutes of fame. I wrote a story that won 1st runner-up in the "Write a Dear Reader Contest." Since then the trail has spread to Ravelry and one of my new friends there has indicated that he was going to spread the word here. If any of you want to read the story I wrote you can find it on the September 11th issue of DearReader.com.

The link is:

Kieran Foley's knit/lab Colorwork Crescent

My latest shawl was Kieran Foley's Colorwork Crescent shawl. One of the other people knitting it christened one of the intarsia sections in it, "tanglarsia fairends." And I have to admit having never done any intarsia or fair isle I'm not really sure why I attempted this shawl that had sections of intarsia - but the intarsia sections instead of having solid blocks had intarsia knitting in those blocks!!! I think the shawl turned out quite well considering my learning as I went.

I'm back!

I've been missing for a great while due to health issues. But I'm Baaack! After many long years I finally have a diagnosis and drugs that work! It seems somehow at this late age I've developed absent status epilepsy. My brain seizures were causing me to "go absent" for periods lasting up to six days. Then come back for around 10 days only to go absent for another 3-6 days. To say my wife, (adult) kids, and I have been to hell and back over the last few years is putting it mildly. But after starting the drugs last December I've only had one seizure that lasted only a few days.

Wedding Veil

It has been almost a year since I last posted anything and 3.5 years since I posted my blog about the wedding veil I made for my daughter. I finally have an "in action" photo. She was married on 08/10/13. Mmario was the designer for the shawl, Vera Wang was the designer for the dress, and I have no idea who designed the cowboy boots she wore. If you want you can view more of the wedding veil photos on my flickr page at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/14830717@N05/sets/72157622935081966/

Thrummed Tube Socks Anyone

Okay I've been diabetic for almost 50 years now and yeah have some circulation issues although not bad. So I had this thought because during winter I like really warm feet what if I made just a long tube sock (no heel) and thrummed them? Has anyone done that? I've never even made a sock but I'm thinking CO like 6 (or so stitches) for the toe. Then do knit a row and pick up stitches around that. Then basically do a rib stitch all the way up to the cuff, and space out the thrums every few stitches up the entire length.

Elektra Shawl

This is a shawl by the designer Romi (Rosemary) Hill. I always find her patterns a breeze to follow. It was knit using 8/2 variegated Tencel along with a single strand of cream colored rayon. It has 6/0 seed beads that follow the line of increases and also surrounding the larger three triangles at the bottom.