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OT: Gay Student Teacher Removed From Classroom

Recently, the Beaverton School District here in Beaverton OR., removed a gay student teacher from a 4th grade classroom. The only information that we have is that when asked by a student if he were married, he replied "no." The student asked why and he said that he couldn't get married because he would marry a man and it is against the law.
My employer says that this is not an age appropriate comment. I would have to disagree. People talk about their spouses/partners all the time. If he had said that he didn't have a girlfriend, I don't think there would have been an issue.

Okay Spinner Dudes

So, I'm working my way into getting a feel for processing and spinning merino. I have figured out a way to clean the wool in the washer (thanks to all of your great suggestions) and I got some wool combs to finish up the locks into wonderful fluff to spin (I used a drum carder on my first batch and it was a nightmare).