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Never say never

I've been so snarky about Fair Isle - it just seemed so preppy to me. But for some reason it sounded like a fun new thing to learn and here are the results.

This stuff is pretty simple as stranded knitting goes but I'm working my way up. I think Fair Isle socks may be my next project.

New Toy

Sorry to double dip like this but I'm so excited - my new canvas hat form arrived! Just in time to show off the Neoclassic from Slouchy Beanies.

Annie's tank

Well my first venture into womens couture is finally complete. It was a nice easy knit - one of those really relaxing projects. This is for my friend Annie for her b-day the end of November. Hopefully she'll like it and let me take a few shots of her in it. I wish her birthday weren't so far off. It was knit in Classic Elite's Firefly, size 3 needles.

The front-

Door County, WI

Just got back from The Door and other then having a super great time I found two great yarn stores. The first is Spin in Sturgeon Bay - fabulous and huge inventory. I had a lovely conversation with yarn lady while she spun a 1200 yd hank of gorgeous hand painted rayon that I purchased - it took awhile. I think we bonded. The second is Red Sock in Fish Creek Harbor - less inventory but a great selection of basics plus they do their best to offer green product. And another fun conversaton.

So if you're in the Door check them out.

There's an app for that

I just down loaded a counting app for my iphone called Knit Counter Lite. It was free and so far I love it. You can have multiple counts per project and multiple projects. You can also set perameters such as when performing cables you log in the number of rows between cable stitiches and it will automatically zero out so you can start the next set. There's also an area for project info such as pattern name, yarn, needle size and notes. Very cool!

There were a bunch of knitting apps available that I want to explore, if anyone has any reccomendation or reviews please post them

New cast on added to my repertoire

Channel Island cast on. I love the loose sloppieness of it - reminds me if a deckled edge on rag paper. It will probably evenout a bit after blocking but I hope not too much. It did take me a while to get the hang of it but after watching the YouTube vidio about sixty times it finally clicked. It's pretty much fun once you get the hang of it. Here's a detail, it's the begining of a camisole for a freind's birthday.