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Allyson's socks

My friend Allyson's birthday is next week and these are for her fresh of the needles and blocking, as you can tell. I have to say that with this particular color way of Zauberball Crazy there doesn’t seem to be a way to get a pair of socks out of one skein that look even remotely alike.

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Ruby's blanket

I have the most adorable grand niece, I have yet to meet her but I've seen the pictures and she is a doll - see for yourself.

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My new favorite passtime

It all started last October during the World Series between the Cardinals and the Rangers. Ralf and I were in San Maguel, Mexico and made sure we were back at the condo every day by game time. It was huge fun listening to the announcers in Spanish and watchnng our team win - we're both native Saint Louisans so you can guess which team that was. Suddenly I was hooked. It was as if some latent straight gene suddenly kicked in, well some strange mutant straight gene because I have to be knitting while watching.

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Araucania Ranco Multy

Anyone have any thoughts on what this might look good as. It's fingering weight in a tangarine, turquoise and pale yellow color wave.

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After months of painstaking procrastination......

my husband's sweater vest is finally done.

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finally something got finished

This is Quinton's Kelp Grove Scarf, I love the pattern and it's an easy fun lace project. I was originally going to do it some yellow linen I had but from no where this hand painted merino popped up. I have no idea where it came from but it was perfect for this pattern. Thanks Quinton for sharing it.

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mercerized cotton

I have been such a knitting slug lately this is all I've accomplished in weeks maybe months.

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A gift from my cousin Nina

My cousin Nina and I had a date to walk through the Missouri Botanical Gardens and when she came over she gave me this.

It's exquiste and looks fantastic on the dinning room table! Just thought I'd share.

As for my stuff....I've been out in the garden instead.

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Finally got to wear my vest and...

It's been done for month and this is the first day that it's been cool enough to wear an alpaca vest. I have to say though, I thought I looked OK when I stepped out of the house this morning. White button down, nifty tie, brown dress slacks, brown and OD tweed jacket and of course my nutmeg colored vest not so freshly off the needles. Ralf said I looked cute - but he always says that.