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I'm using this product for the first time. Evidently rinsing isn't necessary which is nice if your concerned about conserving water or saving time. Aquae is the scent I purchased and it is very nice. I'll get back with you once the piece comes off the blocking rack (my 2nd floor hallway).

What I did on my summer vacation.

Well, there wasn't really a vacation involved but there was lots of kitting. I sort of had a mission to work with every kind of non-wool natural fiber I could get my hands while experimenting with different lace stitches culminating in a much more ambitious shawl project of my own design. So, I guess, these are my studies for my next big project. Most of what you see is either hemp, cotton, linnen or rayon or a combination of. I still need to play with some silk or a silk blend and I keep find new and interesting stitches to try.

San Miguel Allende

Mid October my husband and I are off to San Miguel Allende and I was wondering what, if any yarn, I might find there. From what I hear it's very Americanized with lots of expats living there because their pensions go further south of the border. Which makes me think it might be a hot spot for knitting, weaving and such. Has anyone been? This post reminds that I have to call the Airline and see if Addi Turbo circs are legal on the plane. Hmm.