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top down knitting

i am ready to take the plunge

any recommendations for top down knitting? there seem to be a few and i wanted to reviews from the men on which ones you liked best

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Math/design question

I am doing multiple cables within a row. There is a c4 that repeats alternately every 4 or 6 rows and a twisted 6 st cable that repeats every 6 rows.

How many rows do I have to chart until the whole set of cables repeats? I was thinking 60 but that seemed like too many

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Knitters block

I have run into a complete halt. I have been knitting everyday for years and since my last finished project I can't seem to pick up new or wip. Even as retreat nears, I can't find my knit mojo.

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Off topic help from Seattle friends

I need Help from anyone for with info for alcohol rehab in Seattle area for family member

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my first sweater

i recently came across a very old photo of my first sweater. it was london, he was swedish, i was...naive :)

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iPad and knitting

how are people using iPad for knitting purposes? thinking of spending hard earned tax return on one but wondered if there was any advantage in terms of knitting

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some advice on short rows

i was thinking of doing short row for collar of back panel so it fits better.

has anyone tried this? how long a row do you make? how close to the collar edge?

thanks in advance

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bead question

has anyone used beads in knitting? where do you find them with holes big enough for yarn. most seem to have holes only big enough for filament.

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oh dear knitting gods, i promise to weave as i go on my next fair isle (if there is a next fair isle) project if you would just make this one go easier. arrgggghhh.

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some advice, please

i am knitting hoodie from bottom up in the round and am reaching the transition from body to hood. is there a stitch or technique that will provide some structure and sturdiness at the collar?