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Linen Stitch Scarf

Scarfs done in the linen stitch have been popular now for a while. Rather than being knitted back and forth across the width of the scarf these patterns are knitted along the scarf's length and in the round. The middle section is 20 plain knitted stitches and when finished you cut across the mid point of this section unravel and the braid the fringe . I am using four skeins of 100% Merino Wool by Koigu Wool Designs in Williamsfort, Ontario Canada in four color ways. I've included a picture of the sample in the store where the yarn was purchased.

Lovely Simple Lace Being Blocked

I've completed the lovely simple lace spring scarf I've been working on. (See previous post on same title for pattern). Silk and cashmere - lovely fibre with a great feel. Soft and light weight. I blocked it today and it is drying. It will be off the rack tomorrow and I'll get a finished picture then. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I put a new scarf on the needles. It's going to be a birthday present for my daughter-in-law. Knitted in the round in a linen stitch and then cut with braided ends. It is a great pattern.

Regards to all, JRob

Lovely Simple Lace

Morning All, I've put down my son's herringbone scarf till he returns from university this week. He asked me not to get to far along with it until he can see it just in case he'd prefer a different stitch. So now it is sitting in the basket waiting for his OK. So what to do in the mean time. I love knitting lace. At first I was really intimidated by it. It took me a while to finally realized it was just simple stitches I already knew and counting was key. If you've never knitted lace before I'd encourage you to try. Lace is lovely.

Wife Surprised Me

Afternoon All, Well I spent the morning hard at work baking the first batches of Christmas Cookies while my lovely wife went to the salon, a local craft fair and mailed packages to family in Texas & New Jersey. Then I then took her out to lunch to one of our favorite spots and as we were close to one of my favorite knit shops she suggested we stop in. The Kirkwood Knittery recently moved to a new location and I had not visited them since their move.

Smoky Mountain Living

Though I live in the Mid-West (St. Louis to be exact) the Smoky Mountains hold a special place in my heart. As a senior in college I spent some time there and in the everglades with an ecology profession and several friends. That is why I occasionally pick up an issue of Smoky Mountain Living while grocery shopping today. I through a the December/January 2013/2014issue in the cart as I went down the magazine isle and was happy to see skeins of yarn in a woven basket on the cover. The lead article is Community Fibers Knitting's Resurgence.

My Son's Herringbone Scarf in Yale Blue - On the Needles

When my younger son was home this weekend he asked me to knit him a scarf in Yale Blue. He is applying to Yale's Graduate School of Music along with 4 other Universities. I've been wanting to learn the Herringbone stitch for some time and thought this would be a good project to learn the pattern. Here is a picture of my gauge swatch. I've chosen for him a machine washable fibre since I am sure it will be the easiest and cheapest method of laundering it. It is Berroco's Comfort Worsted Weight. Happy Knitting All, JRob

West's Chadwick Done

Morning All,

West's Chadwick is done and off the needles. Just needs to be blocked today. Thought I'd post some pictures so I have a record of the complete project. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and got some knitting in. Regards to all my knitting brothers, JRob