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Berkeley Springs, W.V. Stitch n bitch

Just putting this out there.

Any knitters near Berkeley Springs? I've started a Wednesday knit group at Earth Dog.


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I have small balls - A haiku

I've got small yarn balls,
inherited ugly yarn,
an acryllic hell.

I simply can't bring myself to throw away this UGLY stuff.

I've got to knit it all.

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Men Who Knit Near Berkeley Springs, WV

Are there any Men Who Knit near Berkeley Springs, WV?

I'd love to knit with some guys in Berkeley Springs.

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Baby Surprise Jacket

Anyone have a copy of the pattern they could send my way?

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Cabling Without Cable Needles

I'm diligently hacking away at the Aran. It crossed my mind for a brief instant to simply bag the whole project because I'd made a mistake that required frogging.

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One Sleeve Down.

I’m using a larger size needle and wool (Cascade Ecological Wool) than the pattern and following the stitches for a smaller size.

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Sock Forms - Looking for measurements

I've been searching around on the Internet for some measurements on sock forms--the old-fashioned wooden ones with holes in them.

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Wrap It Up

I had trouble uploading a picture, you can find it here:

The original idea for this scarf is in Simply Knitting, Issue 54, May.

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Old Man Sweater.

It's a heavily modified Kyle Sweater

I wanted a cardigan not a pullover

and I wanted three pieces to knit instead of five.

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Just finished the hat today. I immediately wanted to knit it as soon as I saw it on

That man is a genius.

If I ever do it again, I'll do it in a solid color.