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The Measure Of A Man

In my travels through the halls of the venerable Fashion Institute of Technology, a sad truth became apparent. I suspected that the corporate committee decisions regarding fit on a man were, and are, almost criminal. Mannekins are in abundance, all in womans size 6 or men's 40. The patternmakers will circle the wagons, claiming that a man's pattern is so simple, so uniform, so incomparible to the complexities of a woman's fit.

Newies But Goodies

Whenever I hear the term "oldy BUT goldy", I reach for my revolver. Usually, to me anyway, it means what you hated then, you can hate now. Remember what-ever-the-hell-hiz-name-wuz? Almost as sad a thought as the poor boys and girls who haven't read, listened to, or seen anything created before 2005. You know...vintage stuff.

Husbear Beater

No need to explain further. The victor and victim theme ensues.

Need pattern? Go here .

The Lover Tank by Sarah Briscoe

Summer Knit Now

What could be more tropical than a guayabera? I found this pattern in a fit of pique over the lack of summer-weight patterns for men. The original pattern was in a murky size of M/L...meaning wouldn't fit anybody.

Then It Hit Me...

The book, "Knitting Masterpieces" by Ruth Herring and Karen Manners, was way ahead of its time. I discovered it in a dusty pile of books on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn...and fell in love. These gals lovingly and with great vision charted 20 art masterpeices from Standing Bison cave drawings to...well, to this iconic image of my youth.

This is what is on my needles. I am in knitting bliss.

My Fellow Brothers In Yarns

Reading a recent blog entry about knitting and thinking got me...cogitating. What makes this activity so engaging for me? What draws me to committing time and energy to this craft? What muse stirs as I stir the knitting soup?

To address this question, without judgement, rancor or disbelief, I wonder aloud...


Yeah, We Call Them Pirates pattern. Not real Faire Isle, but definitely stranded knitting. As you can see from the inside shot, I used the woven stitch, so there are no floats. Makes a thick, dense fabric with nary a "Thar she blows!" through to the scalp. Used Noro silk and wool in the single colors, black and white. Light as a feather, warmer than...well, you get the idea.

Just F.I.N.E. now.

As the medically minded of the members here on Men Who Knit know, the answer to the question, "How have you been?"

tells a great deal. The query offers a neutral, safe and simple landing spot for an answer. All too often, though, the answer can be a direct social lie.

"I an fine. Thanks for asking!"