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Twilight Rendezvous

I present, for your consideration, a dominatrix I call Mrs. X. She Who Has Always Been Obeyed, Dammit! reigns a benign knit-autocracy on the Upper East Side of New York.

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Lace'd Not, Want Knot-The Lover Tank #1 and 2

I'm ready to try my hand at some lace, but a runner, shawl, tablecloth, curtains seem to run contrary to my Viking, pillage and plunder ancestry. Update is below.

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Some Online Resources For Knitters

All I can say on this one, is WOW!

From my textile co-conspirator Hannah Wallace

Some very useful knitting calculators

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Dear Men Who Knit Diary:

Today, I was broadsided by a snot-nosed idiot on the subway as I knitted up the sleeve on the sweater I'm currently working on.

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The Knitting Gods?

Now Scottly's recent frogging disaster sparks another name: The Knitting Gods! Keep adding to the list, guys!

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The Right One Is "On"...The Left is "Addi-Turbo".

Whole canned chickens failed in the marketplace because people bought several...once. The canned product's shelf life is your stash.

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The Love That Dare Not Speak It's Name

Imagine, if you will, the case of the sick souls who have to hide their secret passions from the light of ordinary examination.

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If It Looks Too Butch, We'll Add A Little Tulle To It!,%202009,%20The%20Arts&st=cse

The New York Times
May 13, 2009

Hey, Drill This! Park Avenue Armory Goes Sci-Fi

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Kitchener Not German, But Germane!

The Kitchener Stitch is named after Lord Kitchener of Khartoum, British military hero of Boer War and WW 1.

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School For Scandalous Sox, Lurid Lace and Sheep Lovers (You Know Who You Are!)

The recent passing of another business in New York City is a snore, an "in the meantime" affair, the pause that refreshes the landscape.