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NEEDED - Good, simple, men's glove pattern.

Gonna take the leap into dpns and trying to knit me some fingers!

The Flying Goose Mitts are gorgeous!
... but am looking for a simple, men's glove to start on.

Any ideas?
Fave patterns?

Thanks, in advance,

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Same question; Two COASTS

I'm going to be living in La Jolla / San Diego for most of the winter -
and then will be living in New York for most 2012.

Am interested in finding knitting groups - and your favourite yarn and supply stores on both coasts:

SoCAL and NoHo

Let me know where you go to sit and knit; where you go to sit and knit and meet and yack; and where you are; and where you love to snoop and shop!

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Blocking. YIKES!

Okay Boyz,

Am ready to block a bunch of projects... 2 scarfs, a neck warmer and a shawl...

Never having "blocked" before, I thought I would ask the experts.



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Invisible increases....


Am working with a hand painted yarn... almost fingering weight... merino wool by Koigu... Love it! Love the fine stitches.


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Simple Buttonhole -- HELP!?


Better to cast off, leaving the yarn on the left and then immediately cast on?


Better to cast off, knit to the end of the row, then backwards loop cast on?

Other methods?

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Help! Two simple problems....


It's going good. Two hats and two scarves down and am on to newer and more exciting projects. But, I have a couple of little problems and would love your techniques and advice.

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So far...? Am having fun!

I've been an on-and-off knitter of bad scarves and the occasional bad hat. But, having been in search of a hobby for years and years, I think I might have settled on knitting.