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The wife has decided she needs to try her hand at spinning. Shes mentioned it a few times.

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These were NOT my inspiration but made me laugh ...

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bitten by mittens...

My inspiration is all over the place right now. Its driving me nuts!

I want to make some of those mittens with the pointy tips. Norwegian mittens I believe they are called.

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kntting for animals....yet again.


Funny how fast you can knit when you need to produce results very fast.

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Still here and alive

We didn't burn, thank god. Thank you for all the kind posts about our welfare. My wife was moved to tears.

Really, Thanks you so much!

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fishing and knitting don't go together!

Took the boat out yesterday for a day of spring salmon fishing.

Was knitting while waiting for a bite and away went my rob and the fish. I had to dive in and swim to retrieve it quick!

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scarf for my wife

I would like to try a lace scarf for my lovely wife. Some very simple but pretty patterns would be a great help here gents!

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Well done eveyone..

The last week or 2 has some really excellent work. I am in awe. Maybe one day I will be able knit with skill.

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mowing the lawn.

Sonic and I mow the lawn together. She loves it. She would be wearing her little sweater i knit her but she ate it the second she had it on.

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the knitting basket

Just for the hell of it heres all my projects thrown into one basket.