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24 days left

Just 24 days left in this school year (with students). I will be so glad to begin the summer knitting as much as possible. Tomorrow Geraldine, the Yarn Truck comes to my town. Hope to knit then too.

2014 Southeast Men's Knitting Retreat

Here is all the info for this year’s retreat. PM me with email for questions, to reserve, or to get ready to pay.
Hey Ya’ll,
A hearty southern greeting to the male knitters of the Southeast! I think I finally am beginning to figure this whole thing out so….It’s time to start planning the Southeast Men’s Knitting Retreat 2014 !!!

Score, at Tuesday Morning

Stopped into Tuesday Morning yesterday evening and got a new bag. It is the "Crochet Dude" organizer bag. It is a Nantucket Bagg style bag and I have wanted it for a while. Little did I know that this morning when I opened it, the bag is an actual Nantucket Bagg. I got it for $10. I am so pleased. I used it today to go to the Coffee Shop and knit. I think it may become my new favorite bag.

Need some opinions

So a very famous knitting teacher (Cat Bordhi) is coming to my area. I want to attend a class and she will be teaching 3. She will be at a yarn shop that is not my favorite, but I go there when I need something I can't get elsewhere. My wife and I have been fair customers (we live 1.5 hours away so we can't go weekly). I was contacted by the owner about signing up for a class and I told her which one I wanted to take. She told me that one was full (this conversation happened over a week ago). I told her I would probably sign up for another class instead.

Dr. Oz Updates-For those who want to know

Letters were sent by my in-laws, Aaron Bush, and myself to the Dr. Oz show. As yet we have not heard any reply. It figures as they got what they wanted. I sent them dozens of pictures and they used the "most believable" ones for their show. Evidently to them no self-respecting male knitter would dare knit a lace shawl for his wife or a chemo cap for a friend who has lost her hair. Thanks for asking. I am sure that I will never hear from them again. But hey, I can say I was on TV on the Dr. Oz show because I am a man who knits.