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Knitting Video CAST #4 "The Summer" Episode!

Hey everybody~~

"Knitting Video CAST #4" up! This week's Video Cast is all about the SUMMER Knitting "LACE"

This week iam going to talking about:

-Thank you: Guido at "It's a Purl Men" and New PodCast "Damknit" for sweet shout out!

-This Week's Online Yarn Shipping:
"Cavyshop" at "Cavyshops.etsy.com" Great hand dye yarn from Jocelyn. Free Shipping All the Order!

-Knitting Blog Review:
Robbie at "KnitXcoreE" Guy Knitter http://knitxcore.blogspot.com/

-Talking about Summer Knitting Book:
1. Lace Style by Pam allen and Ann budd
2. "Shawls and Scarves" the Beast of KNITTER'S Magazine by Nancy Thomas
3. Lavish Lace by owner of Cherry Tree Hill Cheryl Potter

YarnPorn this week: Katina "Matinica" color #7703 Summer yarn(Remind me of Caribben Cruis)

Music of the Week:
"Only you" by Makana
Makana is native Hawaiian Tradinal slack key Artist. Visit his web at Makanalive.com download the song!

PLEASE visit my blog SEE my VIDEO CAST(copy and past the link) at http://charleslifeknitting.blogspot.com/

Thank you!

COME and SEE this week's "Knitting Video CAST #3"

Hey everybody~~

I just recorded my "Knitting Video CAST #3" tonight. Come and see!!

This week iam going to talking about:

-Thanks:"stitch Stud and His Bride" podcast and care package from Lisa at "Peacecat This and That" knitting Blog.

-NEW "Knitty" summer 2007
talking about the "Sweet pea" lace socks and "Unmentionable" summer pants pattern.

-Blog Review:
"Turtlegirl's Bloggy Thing"
She has free pattern "Red Dwarf Socks"

-YarnPorn: Debbie Bliss "Pure Silk"

-Book Review: "Easy Knitted Socks" : Fun and Fashionable Designs for the Novice Knitter by Jeanette Trotman

-Music of the Week:"Spaces in between" and "Ride the tides" by
Shane Alexander

Album: "Stargazer" 2006

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Thank you!

Weeken Video Cast #2 is UP~~~COME AND SEE!

Hey guys~
I want say I just upload my knitting VIDEO-CAST #2 at my blog today!

This week, Iam talking about the New Summer 2007 "Knit 1" magazine just came out last week. And also talking about the new podcast "Knitter's Uncendsored" host by Elemmaciltur. And Pattern for this week: Sakura"Cherry Blossom Shawl"

Visit my blog and Listen: (Copy and past this website)http://charleslifeknitting.blogspot.com/

Charles' lifestyle and knitting


CHECK OUT my interview OUT!!!!

Theresa from "Knitting Time Together" Podcast
release my interview today!

EPISODE #16 "The Boy" (Interview with guy knitter)

Make sure youguys go and listen!!
Seems my sounds so wield..
Check is out what do you think!

HERE is the web: Copy and past this link:

Thanks guys!


Hey guys~~

I find some new (i guess it is old sock directory)sock pattern online..lot of patterns youguys can try!

It is old directory so some of pattern are not showing up...but it has great easy pattern and toe up sock you can try!

HERE is the website:

Check this out!!!


HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!...Everybody!!!

Hi everybody!!! Happy V-Day!!!
I just want to share this lovly poem with youguys!

"When the sun rises above the horizon
bringing forth the day....
My heart whispers your name.
When the sun hovers proudly above the Earth
casting all sadness away....
My heart whispers your name.
When the sun sinks below the Earth’s edge
having painted its promise to return one day....
My heart whispers your name.

Like the blood flowing through my veins
You are a part of me....
Deeply ingrained in my heart.

And should the sun ever sink never to rise again
And your heart ceases to beat my name in refrain,
Then my heart will continue whispering
its endless whisper....your name.

Like the flesh covering my body
You are a part of me
Deeply ingrained in my heart."

Melanie Bartelt