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Playing with my wool again...

Haven't checked in for awhile. I've got lots of reading to do. Here's what I've been up to. Yes, more felting...but I do have plenty on the needles too I'll add soon.

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Dances with Wools

Will I be banished if I play with my wool before it's turned to yarn? I couldn't help myself...I....I'm so sorry...I have an addiction.

Hi, My name is Dru, and I have a fiber addiction.

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As a complete suprize to me, I got the opportunity to take a full day workshop in wet felting techniques with Judy Pascal. OMG we had a great time.

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Knit Back Backwards

Today was my class for knitting back backwards. For my birthday the owner of the shop gave me the class that I wanted to take to learn this technique.

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Knitting back backwards.

We've had alot of discussion about continental verses english (I do both....oh jeez...does that make me BI?) But I have the opportunity to take a workshop in a few months on how to knit back backwards

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Another Idea For Dog Toys

Ok...referring to my felted balls post. My basenji's got ahold of the larger felted balls I made, and man are they the best thing they've found to play with.

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Call A Doctor...I've got FELTED BALLS

I bought the little ones on the plate and decided I needed to try to make some. The larger three are the ones I came up with.

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I'm still alive just buried in felt.

Haven't had alot of time lately...between knitting and working...here's what I've been addicted to lately.

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A Great New Book

We've been getting quite a few new books in at mlys (still working there) and we split the new books among those that are working to read through and try them out for test run.

I've been wanting to design my own stuff and so I jumped at the chance to check this one out:

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Knitting Design: Working from a Master Pattern to Fashion Your Own Knits

Long title, but WOW, what a great book. It has sections on designing scarves, gloves, handwarmers, hats, bags, vests, sweaters...It also has great stitch pattern references and makes it easy to adapt your pattern to any yarn, any weight, any style.

I need to say this: ITS FREAKIN AWESOME.

Sorry...back under control now. Heading out on vacation for a few to enjoy the 19th anniversary of my 21st birthday (Friday the 13th). Take care all, and if you get a chance check out this book!

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WOOO HOOO...finally gone and done it.

I start a new part time job this weekend. I'm gonna work at mlys. I'll get to work two Saturday's a month there...working around the shop, doing inventory, stocking and such. We're gearing up for a new computer system to do inventory, accounting and to hook to a live inventory website.

Now if I can just get them geared into machines too...LOL

Oh well...

Oh hey...current project...(catch yourselves..it's a handknit) HEDGEHOGS...I'll be posting pictures of the little beasts as I get them done.