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21st century?

Yesterday I experienced something I thought was a thing of the past: I got a funny look and a bit of attitude whilst buying yarn. The customer before me was a woman and got the usual "Hi, how ya doin'?" that shop assistants freely give, but then they turned and saw me - a male - buying yarn!
The assistant didn't say anything, but her face changed and I got no greeting, no thanks, none of the usual (even if fake) friendliness. The sexist old hag (that comment isn't sexist - just revenge) clearly couldn't wait until I was gone from her sight and the shop in general.

Shuttles and Oberlaender

Had a full-on day yesterday - started with my first weaving class in which the teacher got me from zero to pattern weaving in three hours. It was great, but I'll probably need to repeat the basics about a dozen times before I remember how to set the loom up.

zippy diamond vest

Has anyone knitted the zippy diamond vest from "Never knit your man a sweater..."? I was wondering how the sizes work out. They have a 42" and a 46.5" pattern, but naturally I'm in between. Slightly. Before I add a few stitches and work out additions here and there, can anyone tell me what the finished sizes are like in reality?

Procion dyes

I was recently given a kilo cone of laceweight cotton in purest white. It's screaming out to be dyed, so I bought some Procion MX colours and plan to use two methods: immersion for one solid colour, and painting directly onto the skeins to get some variegation.
Now, can anyone tell me how I go about both of these? I've downloaded info off the net, but each website gives a different approach vis-a-vis adding (or not) soda ash, urea, etc and when to do so.
If anyone has had any personal success with these dyes, HELP! (please)