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My updated Willie Warmer pattern is now online. (Shameless self-promotion.)

Well, if you don't toot your own horn from time to time, there may not be any music at all. So there. ;-)

I first published this pattern to the GLBT knit-list (http://www.glbt-knit.com/ ) in late 2002. After unexpectedly coming across a hard copy of the post, I went over the pattern and decided it had to be redone.

Sharing a washcloth pattern I wrote.

Here's a link to a seamless, circular washcloth I posted at Ravelry in 2010. I wrote this pattern to get rid of the usual sewn seam. The grafted "seam" creates a piece of knitting with no apparent beginning or end.

It takes less than 3 hours to complete and the Hexagonal version can be used in a pieced afghan when worked in worsted weight yarn.