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Alpaca-mohair sweater

recently finished an alpaca-mohair sweater for my grandson...a beautiful heathered green alpaca combined with a fine strand of multi-dyed mohair. He loves it...because it's very soft.

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new Kilt socks

just finished another pair of Kilt socks...although I'm planning to wear them with corduroy breeks...

two strands of heathered green, one multi-dyed greens.

...have another pair started in green/tan.

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needlearts survey

Please go to this site and complete the needlework survey. might increase availability of supplies and info.

in the very last box I asked for more needlework info and projects for men.

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Chenille scarf

Here is a chenille scarf knitted with two strands of rayon chenille...on US#8 needles.
The cables are very hard to see...
It is a cone yarn bought on eBay.

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Navy cablestiched sweater with hood.

n the navy sweater I knitted for my grandson.
it's a wool/cotton blend.

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Kingwood needles

Here is the size US 19 needle

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Circular needles

I knit a lot of scarves with multiple yarns...often five strands...and I'm always bothered by the difference between the cable and needle sizes..
I've used the large size AddiTurbos...but prefer the warmth of wood or bamboo... I made some!
These are turned of Rosewood and Kingwood...with brass fittings.
The odd things inside the vinyl cable are Swarofski crystals... just for fun... they roll around when I knit...
One can never have too much Glitz!!!

They are US17 and US19