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Lady Sterling

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study on men who knit ???

Has anyone else responded to the call for participants by Ann Morneau?

She claims:" The aim of my study is to convey the
stories and experiences of men who knit. My area of specialization in
gender studies is masculinity, so the research will focus on men's
experiences in an activity that is still socially gendered as a "female"
activity. "

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I'm doing "housekeeping" on my MMarioKKnits yahoo group -
going through and catching up on my directory listing of patterns
correcting and updating patterns

So far I have managed to work my way through 3/4rths of one page out of 6.5 pages of listing. And have some patterns to add to the list that aren't on there yet!

Then I actually have to do the work...

*phew* I hate paperwork!

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Pretty in purple

Ny great niece again - in another of the baby jackets I made her.

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The great pumpkin

My new great niece in one of the outfits I knit for her birth...

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If it's Labor Day this must be Michigan

I driving to Michigan Labor Day weekend - and thought I'd see if I could meet up with some of the folks from over at M2K2 while I was at's kinda taken on a life of its own now....

To quote the thread on Ravelry:

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and now for something......different

this was my contribution to the evening concert at my folk music retreat this year.

Woad in the Garden

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modified diamond lace multiple of 12 +1 x 16 rows

odd rows are purled

/ = k2tog
\ = skp
A = whatever double decrease you use
O = yarnover
blank box = k1

the grey column to the right is the "+ 1" stitch and is worked only once per row.

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STar center doily

crochet - done from a photo of an unknown pattern on rav.

My revamp needs some tweaking - but it's getting there...