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Four Days of Christmas down,

only 13 more to go! Granted - I'm off celebrating Christmas in 1842 but it's still the holidays. Caroling on Friday, Saturday, Saturday night and today (sunday) .

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WIP - 'Spanish Armada' shawl

Remember the Spanish square Doily I test knit a while back? Well, I've started it for real this time - as the center of the 'Spanish Armada'.

I'm using my favorite size needle for lace (US 8's) with a nice lace-weight alpaca in 'vermilion' - a very lightly variagated red.

Hopefully over Thanksgiving I will be able to knit enough to post the first 100 or so rows of instructions.

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A lace decrease study in placement and type

One of the things I did last weekend while desporting myself with 88 women at the Seven Hills Inn and Resort in Lenox, Mass was attend a workshop in lace knitting taught by Pam Allen.

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What took me so long?

I was at WEBS last friday - becuse hey, it was only an hour's detour from where I was going anyway. Too close to pass up a visit.

And I bought a swift. (among other things)

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The DreadedRow 26

I forgot this row since I knit it last. Row 26 of the Spanish doily - which I am using as the center of my 'Spanish Armada' shawl consists of:

*s2kp, yo, s3k2togp, yo;

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ALMOST FO - Desert Sun

It still needs blocking - I don't think I'll get that done tonight, or even tomorrow - maybe I'll block it over the weekend.

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FO: my first hat

Inspired by a number of you guys - I made my first hat; something I've put off and put off for years.

This will join a scarf and be sent off to my japanese nephew-in-law

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Third try at this....

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Where'd the sucker go?

I spent way longer then I should have yesterday uploading a photo of my 'autumn Rainbow' shawl - post blocking; I saw the post.

But I can't find it anywhere!

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Choices - knitting or Kids?

Didn't get much knitting done yesterday - and I don't know why I feel guilty about it.