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Snowflake Peacock

Have I mentioned lately that I love it when knitters make me look good?

An absolutely fantastic and brilliant knitter (who also knits at the speed of light!) just finished this:

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"Spoon" Chrysanthenum Shawl/Laprobe

One of the show forms of Mums is called "spoon" the petals are tubular for most of their length, flaring out at the ends. Officially, this is what the shawl is suppossed to represent.

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new (to me) books!

It's been a good week; I've received two cable books (Cables untangled and Continuos cables) and a lace book (Knitted Lace of Extonia) and the brain cells are churning.

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The test knitter for one of my patterns didn't catch any errors - but her photo din't look quite what I envisioned. I didn't want to SAY that to her, so I cast on for it myself, and it's coming out just the way I thought it should.

So I'm looking at the pattern.

and looking at the pattern.

and realized I had reversed two major instructions in the pattern -=
which will require re-writing about 40 of the rows.

Luckily - I'll be able to use "search and replace"

But it still ticks me off that I missed something that basic!

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A fall Shawl pattern

my first test knitter is past row 60 on this; but we've both been double checking the later charts - and we believe it error free at this point.


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Sea Socks 'o9 East

Not so long ago in a galaxy that's nearer then you may think I signed up for a cruise. It had all the earmarks I'd been looking for in a cruise.

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Benden weyrhold shawl

on of the ladies over at my yahoo group has finished this - so I'm gonna post the pattern.

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blatent ad:

see this file for more details

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Two new patterns

yesterdeay I was frustrated - couldn't knit - but had designs rumbling around in my head like bumpercars; so now have two new shawl patterns to post.

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triangles - tip up versus top down

The basic triangle is worked from the tip up to the neckline. Increasing two stitches every other row. See the top half of the diagram. I've marked an arrow for the direction of growth and labeled the sides.