Sweater arm bind-off question

I have been working diligently on a sweater for myself and I am to the point of binding off the 2x2 rib sleeve. The original pattern called for an i-cord bind off, but I wanted the more traditional rib simply because it hugs my wrist better. Which bind off would you guys use? Just a regular 2 x 2 rib bind off? Will that be stretchy enough. I like that bind off because it won't stretch out and get floppy. Judy's amazingly stretchy bind off is great for socks, but I am wondering if it might be too stretchy for a sleeve.

Simple Hat - Sock Yarn

I thought I'd get acclimated to sock yarn finally. It is so delicate when compared to worsted and bulky weights. This is a stocking hat that my brother wanted me to make. It's nothing special, but it will fit his head closely which is what he wants. He is in southern CA, so he wanted lightweight. I thought this was a good opportunity to try my hand with sock weight. Maybe I'll get a pair of socks made yet!

The hat started out to look like this


Hi Guys,
The area I do a lot of my hiking is along the Des Plaines River in the NW burbs of Chicago.

At the 3:34 mark you can see the forest where I hike in the upper right-hand corner of the frame in the video below. So many houses are still underwater. It's never been this bad here. Thankfully, we are dry. I just thought I'd share. So sad.

Help with pattern

I am working on a new pair of socks using a simple pattern using bulky yarn. I have gotten everything correct but have gotten to a part that has totally baffled me. I am attaching the was free...and if you have time, would someone please look at it and on the Make heel flap section on the second page, can you help me interpret the highlighted section? I just don't get the part where I should start picking up the wrapped stitches. Since this section is supposed to be consuming the stitches that were increased during the gusset section, if I pick up the wrapped stitches....hmmm.

Firsts are always Fun...if not curious

I made a pair of socks. They aren't anything special, just worsted weight for warmth, Caron acrylic, sensible grey. I have put off making socks since I started knitting in 2010, but now I have overcome that hurdle. They aren't my best work, but I'm proud that I finished them both and they fit! Maybe I'll even get brave enough to use sock yarn one of these days.