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Small gauge DPNs

I wonder if anyone has any suggestions for DPNs below US size 0. I'm looking for something like 00 or 000 and I wondered if anyone has gotten any brands that they have liked in particular and/or have held up well. And if so, where did you purchase them? I have really liked all the Knitpicks needles I have used, but they only go down to size 0. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hermit Crab

Hi Guys! I wanted to share with you a hermit crab that I knit from a pattern by Hansi Singh. It was a project that I started last fall. We were in PA visiting my parents and on the way home I wanted something to work on. I ended up getting most of the legs done on that trip. When we got home I promptly forgot about it (!) but came across the unfinished bits earlier this month and figured I'd finish it up before beginning anything else. So here he is!

Beware of Alligators!

One of the more recent projects I've made is another "toy." I like how portable they are to work on since they're mostly done in small parts. And I've become quite fond of the piecing together stage for some reason. Mattress stitch is our friend, after all!

Combined knitting

A day or so ago, 'kiwiknitter' posed a question about PK (Portuguese knitting). This led me to recall that at one point I had not only read about PK, but also 'combined/combination knitting.' Combined knitting is something that looked very interesting to me at the time but I was a newish knitter and got scared away after reading about how the stitches end up mounted differently with the leading 'leg' of the stitch being in the back. This seemed confusing at the time, but I think I may be ready to dabble with it a bit now.