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Questions for a Friday

Hallo! Haven't posted in a while but have been lurking about. ;-]

Haven't really finished anything, too darn hot in central CA to knit in the summer.

I have a couple questions for a Friday:

a) What knitting apps do you recommend or not recommend? I'm iphone specific, but if you have an Android app opinion, I'm sure someone would find it useful.

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Hemlock Finished

I finished my Hemlock Ring Blanket, and have been waiting for it to finish blocking at the yarn shop.

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Hemlock and Old Lace

Hallo, all! Long time, no post from me.

Grad school tends to do that (as well as lack of project focus. I feel like a real knitter now, I have 4 projects all on the needles at once!)

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FO to you too, past week.

It's kind of been a crappy week all the way around. So have some finished objects!

The Completely reversible scarf pattern from Honey Lane Farms done in Mochi Plus which is 80/20 Merino/Nylon.

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Project Complete!

I've finally finished the sweater I started back in October. Darn school, work and Holidays getting in the way of knitting. (pun mildly intended.)

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First Meetings...

First meetings warrant introductions.

Hi! I'm Matt, and I've been knitting for just under 2 months.