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Classic Cables Scarf - Lion Brand Yarn

I've found a pattern in the Free Knitting Patterns at Lion Brand Yarn. Very nice pattern and I'll start working on in a couple days. . .after I finish the sweater vest that's in my knitting bag!!!!

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Fisherman Knit Pullover

I've finally finished the pullover that I started in late winter. Note to self never knit a sweater for the winter in winter!

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Sweater Questions

Yikes! If you have knitted sweaters and give give me a suggestion, please help! I my have over shot my front sweater panel by 1/2 inch.

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My prayers go out to all of the people of Japan. I just heard that they were hit by another aftershock (6.6) 12:15 p.m. mountain time.

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My Sweater

I have been working on this sweater for quite awhile and I just decided to get it finish it.

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Free Patterns

I was given two websites with free knitting patterns that are new to me. They are:


This one has a section devoted to men, you might enjoy reviewing it.

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Needle Advice

Thank all of you for your excellent advice on circular vs. straight needles. Especially about the ergonomic aspect and comfort.

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Knitting Needles

I visited a LYS near where I live and the owner told me that "straight" knitting needles are steadily being replaced with circular needles with separately sold different exchangeable points.

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Entralac Knitting

I am not familiar with this. Is this something old with a new name or a very recent knitting style? Perhaps I do live in a cave! If anyone would care to enlighten me, I would appreciate very much!