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The days are shorter and colder

I'm back.

Anyone miss me?

It's getting cold out there, (and in here, too...time to turn on the heat)

Time to go through the yarn bins and get those needles clicking.

Cheers. I missed you, too.


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she's so crafty

Did anyone else catch the male knitters on "She's so Crafty"? It was broadcast today on OPB2 in Portland.

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last minute stocking stuffer #2

1945 British Ladies' Home Companion stocking. \

I have now, in the past 3 years, done this stocking 10 times for 4 different families.

Does anyone else have, or have done this stocking?

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last minute stocking stuffer #1

3 stockings inspired by a 40 and 20 year old Husband and Wife pair of stockings done by late granny.

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Oh this rocks... teaser

I just got a commission for a Fancy scarf for a friend's son. He's 23, protege of Gus Van Sant, and going to Europe shortly.

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Weather in Portland

It's PISSING RAIN and I have a shawl for finish for a client, and a hat to knit for a new beau. Life is good.

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I just can't get enough sox.

It's come to that. I've been digging through my box of old sweaters and socks to repair. I'm turning old holey sweaters into socks so I can work outside with toasty feet.

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Oh that's scary

My last blog entry was on my Birthday...almost 9 months ago. Shame on me.

Still here, alive and wellish.

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It's my birthday!

42 Years young today. Who's buying me a beer?

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From Happy Knits in Portland, OR

I was tossing another skein of mohair lace yarn to Evan for a shawl he was doing for a friend... and out of my ever so slightly inebriated (Olympic knitting party, hard cider, crackers, cheese, cookies, wine, etc) MOUTH came the following in my best manly faux-Irish accent:


It cracked up the gals.
Thought I'd share.