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just to say

I had mentioned him to a number of you, and the health issues that he was going through and that we were dealing with, but I can't remember who.

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Hoo hoo scarf exchange

I got my beautifully knit scarf. Yippee!

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MWK Children's Charity knitting day?

I was blogging on knitting a Toddler sized Tomten jacket...and presuming that it would take less than a day for me to knit. Then I thought... Why not have a MWK charity knit day...

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Monday and the Tomten


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As you may know, I do retailoring/repair/and finishing for folks as a sideline.

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Hufflepuff hat

I mentioned this hat previously.

Sorry, it's sideways. I'm a little sideways these days as well.

Knit out of Plymouth Encore 75%acryl, 25% wool.
I "designed" it myself.

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second set of X-mas stockings

as mentioned in the previous post:

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Help my knitting buddy!

Happy new years all!

I have a treat for you to listen to, and a small favour to ask if you

My knitting buddy...a local Celtic musician has entered a contest to

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Quite a nice thing happened today: I delivered my second set of Christmas stockings (3 of them) and not only did she pay with pleasure the balance, she tipped me $50. She LOVED the stockings.

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Christmas stockings, first set

These are from the first set of Christmas stockings I knit...

They had to match in form a 32 year old stocking...I designed the images. The new owners were kind enough to send me these photos.