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Snowdrift Afghan Pattern - as a few of you have requested

Here is the pattern that a few of you guys have requested of me. Enjoy and Happy Knitting.
Snow Drift Afghan

Approx. 53" x 62" before fringe.

Whatever worsted weight yarn you are going to use. 29"circular needles No. 8 or size to get gauge of 23 sts of 1 pattern repeat measuring 4-3/4 inches and 6 rows = 1". Crochet hook No. 5 or F.

Snow Drift Afghan

Well I am at the point of sewing up my first sweater. The Orange hoodie I made. Nervous, never did one before. But I think that if I take my time it should come out okay. Now I am starting an Afghan. I think this one will come out good too.

Orange Hoodie

I am making this for my roommate (exwife) (don't say it, we still get along). I found it to be a fun project so far and she seems to like it so far. I am using Berroco Comfort Worsted weight. 50% superfine nylon and 50% super fine acrylic. Pumpkin color.

Baby Alpaca

I just bought some baby alpaca yarn. Mainly because I want to see how it knits up for me. So far I like it. It is definitely a very soft yarn. Making a Celtic Cable Scarf. Expensive though. $17 a for a 126 yard skein.

My addition to funny Looks

I sometimes will get a gig driving somebodies car from Connecticut to wherever. Sort of a quick side cash pick up. While waiting at the Fort Lauderdale airport for my return flight after one such job ( I had a few hours before my flight) I decided to pull out the Irish Hooded scarf I was working on for my roommate. If you need or like room around you when you are sitting and waiting for something, just pull out your knitting. Men and women alike actually got out of thier seats and moved to other areas. They were that uncomfortable.

Weaving Tails

I am so excited, I learned a new way (well new for me) of joing yarn when I run out and have to start a new ball/skein. It is called the Russian Join. Here is a link to the youtube video showing how to do it.
I am dancing around the living room singing "no more weaving tails" over and over again. My wife is looking at me like I'm crazy. Whatever! I like this russian join technique.


My newest project is called "Stone Cut Hoodie" got the pattern from Creative Knitting magazine September 2010. This is just the back I am working on. I hope to start the front in a couple of days. This is my first sweater attempt. Making it for my roommate. I think she will look good in it. The 1st pic is of what it should look like. the second is what I have done so far.