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Irish Hooded scarf HELP!

Okay so i am making a hooded scarf for my "old lady" for Christmas, but I have ran into a pattern snag.
I need help reading this pattern so that I know what to do next. The scarf is easy, the hood I am having a problem with. I will type out the instructions and maybe someone can tell me what I am not getting here.

I already cast on my 80 stitches. I completed the following two rows:

Rehab project

As my hand heals from a surgery to correct the pain I was experiencing since February of this year, I decided to knit this scarf. I did this when it became bearable enough to pick up the needles again. Still a little pain but getting better every day. I did this also because I knew I would be laid up after having foot/toe surgery to relieve that irritating pain whenever I walk and run. Good project to keep me from going stir crazy from inactivity. Today will be the first day I am going to walk any distance, at least a half a mile.

Easy sweater

Okay fellas, I am mending from hand surgery that will hopefully allow me to knit without pain. So when I can get knitting again I am looking for easy sweater patterns. That way I can learn to do sweaters. I love sweaters and would like to start making some for myself. All while I am recuperating from surgery on my right big toe. Having an implant put in to ease the discomfort I have when I run or walk. So give me those patterns guys.

Ipad 2

My roommate just bought an IPad 2 (pretty cool device), I was thinking of knitting a personal cover/sleeve for her. Any ideas where I may find a pattern to work from?


Just when I think spring is coming to Connecticut I am fooled. One day it almost reaches 60 degrees and the next we have a noreaster in March.