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2nd Beanie complete - Now to graduate into colour work!

Hey guys

I finished off the first beanie that ended up resembling a conehead. It is very tight but I am just happy to have completed it.

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I finally did it - A complete Beanie!!!


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How things have changed

During my lunch break I cracked out my knitting at sat at my desk directly behind my 50 year old Manager.

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Boy have I learnt a lot!

After unpicking my last Beanie attempt I worked through the night to complete the latest one. Little did I know what a big mistake this would be!

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Beanie woes

Disaster has struck!

As I mentioned before I decided to live with any mistakes on my first Beanie but I have got to the stage where I may need to do over!

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My first 'Beanie' project

Well, I have taken the plunge and after searching through the forums I have decided to try my hand at a very basic Beanie.