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Finished Tie

Hey guys, so after a few attempts, I finally finished a neck tie.

Its just a stockinette stitch done in cotton.

Feedback would be good before i decide to wear it to work!

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Patchwork Quilt

Hey guys, I know its not knitting!!! But i thought i'd show you the progress of my patchwork quilt. I'm very excited about it.

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Neck Ties

Has anyone knitted any neck ties before? any tips?

I just found a $250.00 Hermes knitted silk neck tie at a thrift shop for $3.00. Its beautiful and i want to try and knit one for myself.

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Fair Isle Pattern

Hey guys, been working on this pattern for a while. Drove me crazy! I based it on Islamic tiles and mosaics.

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My Adidas Fair Isle scarf progress.

I'm a huge adidas fan. Thought i would try to knit a vintage style adidas scarf, here's how it looks so far.