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Sand hill crane shawl

Purple rain sweater cowl

Fellow knister's, this purple rain sweater cowl has just jumped off the needles. It was knitted from Rowan big wool, using size 13 for the ribbing and 15 for the body itself. I for went the original bind off, as I wanted the bind off to be very elastic, I tinkered around with it until I was pleased with the results. The bind off was as follows, knit 2 tog pass the k2 tog back to the right needle, and k 2 tog thru the back loop to the end, it was as I invesioned, I could not ask for a better knit!
As always happy knitting,

Blanket for my mother 2nd FO pics

This blanket I done for my mother.

A few more FO! Pics

Knister's , this is the curvy Noro wrap done in noro kureyon.
I love this yarn the color way, and the halo is amazing..

A lot of FO's

Knister's I am now able to uplode pics via my iPad, YAY!!!
Thankful for iTunes updates. With that being said I will go easy on the pics. A few each day. I hope you enjoy seeing them, and I'm thankful for the feed back.
Happy knitting, BTW, January is selfish knitting month, so go for it and knit something fabulous for yourself.

Signature art needles

Guys, have you seen or used signature art needles?
They are the Cadillac of knitting needles! The reviews are Awsome!!!
They run 318.00$, for a set of circular's. I'm thinking of taking the plunge, and purchaseing. I would appreciate your input.
Thanks, -RJ.

Boneyard from Steven west, almost compleat

Knitted held double with kidsilk haze and malibrigo,
The halo is Amazing.

Florida vacation looking for Lys.

Fellow knister's will be in Florida Daytona beach at the condo.
Just wondering if anyone knows of local lys that, I could check out I'm in the mood as always, for some new fiber.
Richard ,

Snow drift afghan,

Hey guys I found the pattern to the "snow drift afghan" at my lys...
Will post the pattern soon for those that would like it..

Converting a afghan pattern

Can anyone help me with doubling a pattern? I want to use up a ton of scrap yarn! The pattern says to cast on 137 stitches with the first and last 4 stitches being in seed stitch. I know this forms the seed stitch border. The zigzag pattern is 16 + 1.. I want to cast on 274 stitches. And double the border from 4 to 8 stitches. My concern is the zigzag pattern that is in between the border? Will this be enough stitches to come out even? Thanks, Rick.