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Knitting Nirvana!

I don't know if it's just me or if this is more common. this is what I call it when I'm knitting, and I'm completely cognizant of my surroundings, but my mind is at multiple places. I'm knitting, however it's more reflex action and visual acuity, I'm not counting although it's a complex pattern, I'm using visual references only. My mind is also somewhere else, thinking of a song, a conversation, a movie, a laundry list of thoughts. But yet fully aware of what is going on physically around me, a conversation, physical movement colors, sound.

I'm Yarnworthy!!!

Hello Everyone!

I've been on the Facebook Men Who Knit site for a while and love the interaction there and finally took the time to submit my request to be with the big boys here in the full website!!!
After only a few hours of waiting I have been deemed YarnWorthy by the Creators of this wonderful site, the guys with the big balls of yarn! LOL!