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Bishops Yarn in Chatsworth (Los Angeles area) is closing

I just wanted to let everyone know that my old LYS is closing its doors - Florence has put an ad in the paper and has all her yarn, needles, books (EVERYTHING) on sale 50% off - there's noro to be had (I bought a ton of it) as well as louisa harding, lots of yarn - I can't even begin to think of all the yarn that's there - AND the needles (mostly bamboo or plastic) are 50% off which is a killer deal!

she has a *few* bookcases left (they're whitewashed oak in color) if you're wanting to invest in a way to show your yarn (or just put books up) - she's selling 'em for $10 each - (you can't take those till the end of July)

Anyway, if you're in the area then I'd suggest dropping by her shop and swooping down on the amazing deals before they're gone.

she's open again on Tuesday from 10-4.

I'm very sad to see her close, but it has become obvious that it's time. we're all devastated - trying to figure out where we should meet and knit - I have had some folks to my house, and we're planning on meeting at another friend's house - we'll see what happens.



Ravelry Hooray

I got in last night! - I wonder how many others are in already - it is like being let into Disneyland and there's no lines - I'm clicking all over the place and while I don't quite understand the site yet, I think it's the place I have been trying to find that will organize my knitting projects - it's THE thing I have been wanting...

as long as you have good internet connections (sorry, Mario - I understand your plight) and a decent computer, you should have LOTS of fun on the site -

if you haven't signed up, do so - get in line so you can get your invite (it took weeks and weeks to get invited) and you'll be able to check it out yourself! :)

yarn swap

OK guys - go to my blog

to get the questionnaire -

copy and paste it to an email and send that to me with your info - I'm collecting the data from all of ya'll and in a week or two I'll send out the pals!

Thanks! -