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yarn stash swap anyone?

I am organizing a yarn swap - wanted to find out if the guys in here might be interested in participating - I haven't worked out all the details yet but we'll figure them out - at this point I'm drumming up interest - we will have a questionnaire that you'll be able to fill out, I'll match folks up to (as best as I can) provide each of you with someone who has yarn of a type that you might be interested in...

email me - either here or personally at and let me know you're interested - I know I have lots of yarn to select from, and I'm always excited to get packages in the mail...

sign up ya'll - let's have some fun!



stitch and pitch

I went to the Stitch and Pitch event at Dodgers Stadium on Tuesday May 22 - it was awesome - check out and you'll find the information about the program and if it's going on in your area - it's where all types of fibercrafting folks get together and go knit at a baseball game! we were WAYYYYY up in the boonies but it was a great time - had a dodger dog, some nachos and actually got some knitting done.

the photo is of a project I'm working on - in progress - no photos of the hundreds upon hundreds of knitters surrounding me ... just this one neat photo of my cables :)


Ravlery - awesome - get in line

I don't know if I should be posting about this, but on the podcast from, they talked about - which is an awesome online program/community that will (when it's launched) allow us to track WIP's, and FO's, our stashes, keep track of needles, books, find patterns, and others who are knitting the same pattern (maybe same type of project) - I haven't been given access to it quite yet - you have to sign up with your email and blog address - but I'm very excited to see what it's all about. check it out and get in line if you wanna be part of it from the start :)

halfdome hat

I finished my first "halfdome" hat last night - I ended up with too many stitches somehow (I don't know how unless I counted my decrease rows wrong) - but it turned out pretty good! I used Grignasco Top Print 100% alpaca for this one - it's very cozy - if it wasn't already warm and on its way to well over 100 degrees today I might have put it on!

I'm sure I'll be making many more of these -
as most of you probably know, this is from Jesse's pattern ( that was published in Knitty...

progress on the "Phoenix" sweater

here's a photo of the start of the second attempt with this yarn - as many of you know on my blog I chronicled the farewell of Gregg's sweater - it was sized poorly - so here's what I'm working on - as it's constructed you'll see more of what it will look like - :) So far, I like what it looks like. You also will notice my little wheat penny stitch markers in the photo .... I rode to work with my BF this morning and got to knit while he drove - the start of a lovely day! Happy Friday everyone!


keeping track of your projects

another question - how do you guys keep track of your projects? Is there an online program for the yarn type, where you bought it, when it was started, the pattern origin, etc. and when you finished it? I'd love (and be willing even to pay) for a program that did this for me :)

I want to journal my history of knitting in a concise and standard manner..




top down cardigan pattern?

Do any of my guys have a pattern for a top down raglan sleeve cardigan? I have received hints that I should try that for my next attempt - so that it can be tried on as it's being worked - any help is always appreciated!

Things are busy and I'm in major knitting mode right now - I can't hardly wait for work to end so I can get home and get to stitching!

Thanks for pattern suggestions guys!


Ripping my heart out

check out my blog --

and see what Gregg's sweater looks (looked) like - we're in the process of tearing it all out to start over (new pattern, old yarn)

it's all there for everyone to see - and laugh.


Also a photo of a new knitting guy recruit who I taught on Saturday with a friend -

and photos of yarn that is being added to my stash!


amazing new needles

I have yet to get them but had to mention

they make handmade knitting needles out of beautiful woods - I ordered a set of circulars - I am very excited about them! :) we'll see what they look like when they arrive