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SOS Short Rows! The needles and yarn are back in circulation!

Hello again everyone.

I dove back into my needle and yarn collection a couple months ago with some projects behind me now. Feel free to check them out on my Instagram: @fitterknitter

I need help and couldn't think of a better group to ask. I want to scale this bandana cowl down (There is also a photo attached)


Their gauge is 16 st 6 rows = 4" bulky yarn US 10 needles

Cowl is done!

I swear I'm not the world's slowest knitter, but I have neglected this project for a bit. It is finally done though, and keeping me warm amid all these winter storms! Next project is going to be a red cabled ipad case for my AIDS Walk etsy page. Be sure to check out my previous post regarding submitting any knitwear donations :)

All my best,

Back at it!

Hey all! Got a late start but back int the knitting game for the winter. Having lived in Dallas for a couple years 80 degree weather in December somehow seemed inappropriate for knitting. Now that I'm back in the New England area I'm enjoying my tea and knitting meditation time. Currently working a cable cowl neck. A little under halfway through...Also got this really beautiful burgundy colored worsted medium (4) weight yarn, merino wool. Any suggestions on what to do with it? Would love to do something fun with it for men or women as a gift. Happy knitting!


Knitting in the round...

Hey all....

I have a question that maybe someone can help me with. I'm knitting a market bag in the round with 24" circulars. Starts off with a stockinette stitch base for support and the body is a simple (K2tog, YO) lace pattern. Everything looks great except for where the round joins between the last and first stitch. It looks like a very loose join, and ladder like instead of twisted.

Hello again!

Hope everyone is well....Haven't been doing much knitting lately except for making these iPad and Kindle cases for friends and buyers. I've been looking to get into some more alternative fun and original stuff. I want to make a men's tank top. I haven't found a pattern for just the shape. I wanted to do a diamond mesh lace. I knit a swatch from a pattern I found with the lightest weight yarn I had. I'm thinking I'm gonna a light weight cotton to get the weight of the tank the way I'd like it.

YO at end of row...

Hey guys....I started knitting a swatch of a single motif in the lace pattern I chose (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mystic-forest). One row of the pattern says to yarn over at the end. If its meant to increase a stitch, how will it do this if there isn't a stitch left to knit after it. Specifically I'm talking about row 27.

Thanks guys.

Rolling with the punches...

So I've recently abandoned my Xmas gift project for my bf. Started an afghan for him, though we broke up tonight, so I won't be working on that or thinking of afghans for a bit. Knitting's gonna get me through this break up though. Gonna hit the yarn store today and see what I come up with...will you keep guys posted as to what's to come.