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Sock sucess

I almost have my first sock made and have come to the conclusion that its the yarn and needle size that's giving me all of my issues. Needless to say I still have another to make to complete the pair, but the process seems fairly simple at least for these socks.


Unfortunately I have to miss the last class on sock making, does anyone know of a good resource I can use for making socks? Books, youtube, hand scratched notes?

Another class in knitting

I took a class call beyond the basics in which I am learning M1R, M1L, YO, KF&B, SSK, K2TOG and SP with yarn in front. At the end I'll have a nice mini shawl and I'm hoping I'll be able to make a scarf that uses YO and SSK throughout the pattern. I've tried to make it 4 times now ending with pulling the whole thing out and starting over. I wish I had started knitting many years ago, this is so relaxing and I end up with something unlike playing world of warcraft.


I took a class in sock making with magic loop, the yarn is cascade sport and it SUCKS. I have to knit so slow as to not split the yarn, if the yarn splits it becomes a design element because there's no way to put it back so as to make it look correct its just a bunch of frayed strands. I think this will be the last pair of socks I ever make.

First blocking project

Just finished a scarf using the box stitch which is 6 knit 6 perl for 6 rows then switching the knit for perl and perl for knit. Well it curls so I got some wool soak and what a difference. The wool wasn't the nicest but its for my dad, the soak softened the wool and relaxed the stitches I had no idea it would do that. The scarf looks really nice now and feels perfect, not to soft and not to coarse.

Am I obsessive?

I started knitting 3 months ago since then I have knitted 6 scarves, 4 wash clothes, 1 throw and right now I'm working on some aunt maggie's slippers for my parents. Should have them completed before the weekend. My next project is a boneyard shawl for a niece. So, is this to much for 3 months? And I have the slippers finished for my mom, they're a bit old fashion but my mother made these for me as a child and by now those have long since worn out.