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I finally finished the wedding shawl!!!

And just in time, too. I decided to give it to her at her bridal shower instead of the wedding. The shower is this Saturday!!

There are a couple of "mistakes" (read: holes) that I will fix after it is completely dried from blocking.

It was a love/hate relationship. I really enjoyed the majority of it, but there were tears, aha-moments, and times where I was simply sick of looking at it.

It took me a little over a month, but I learned soooo much doing it. I’ve become much more proficient and quicker since starting it.

Remember kids, this is the first lace, first pattern project, first non-round item on circular needles, first multi-skein project, first blocking project, and first true multi-type of stitch project. Whew!!

Would I do it again? Hell yes!!

(The photos are pre-blocked and during blocking. I will have finished pics tomorrow.)

Joann's Major Sale

The Joann near me in Columbus, OH is having a 50% off clearance prices sale right now.
I got wools, sock, and bamboo yarn and rosewood needles for really cheap (see pic).
I spent $43.00 on nearly $150.00 worth of stuff.
I think all Joanns might be doing it to refresh their stock. Check your local one out.

I just met Martin Story

I went to the Knitter's Mercantile for the first time. I just heard about it today. It's about 2 miles from my house. OMG, such gorgeous yarns. Some were $58 a skein, and I'd pay every penny.

Anyway, I didn't even know who he was. All of the women were just gushing over him. I was the only other guy in the store besides him, so I said "hi"....that was about it. The women wouldn't get the hell out of the way long enough for me to say anything further.

BTW, I just found out that the TNNA (The National NeedleArts Association) tradeshow is in town this weekend.
Is anyone from here going? I would like to check it out, but I know nothing about it.

I found this (see attachment) at my mom’s house this weekend.

It was laying in the room that I stay in when I’m there. No one is sure of where it came from.

It’s a Coats and Clark (makers of Red Heart) Jiffy Accessories to Knit and Crochet pattern book. It was printed in 1961 and sold for 29 cents.

And let me tell ya folks, the patterns are HORRIBLE.

Action-packed Father's Day Weekend

Not really, well, kinda.
My mom went into Atrial Fibrillation out of nowhere early Friday morning, so I rushed back to my hometown about 6 hours earlier than planned. She is fine now, but had us scared for awhile.
I did get a lot of public knitting done in the ICU and waiting rooms.
I visited my grandmother in the nursing home today. The grandmother who taught me to crochet.
I showed her the shawl I was working on.

Things that I learned by choosing a freaking lace wedding shawl as my second major project:

1. Lace work is not bad on a huge circular needle.

2. Don’t show anyone your lace until you have blocked it. They will think you didn’t ball-roll a skein correctly or you are knitting a handbag. It looks like crap until blocked.

3. Repeats can be nasty if you don’t understand just how many the author really wants you to do.