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Haven't Been Here In A While

Just popping in. I haven't been on here in a while. I've been dealing with an episode of depression and just haven't felt much like knitting or anything else for that matter.

I got myself back on meds which was something of a bummer as I'd been off them for 5 years. But if ya need em ya need em.

I just started knitting again a couple of days ago. I'm currently working on a knitted clock as a gift for my mother. After that I'm hoping to finish the cotton socks I started a while back and have pretty much ignored for a while.

Drugs And Knitting Don't Mix

I injured my back at work about 10 days ago and have been laid up. I'm in a hotel about 1,000 miles from home unable to drive and barely able to walk. I'm also on percocet and valium in an effort to get things under control.

Last night I foolishly tried knitting on a sock I've been working on. The ribbed top was finished so I thought I'd start the heel flap. Big mistake. I totally messed it up and, not having been smart enough to put in a lifeline I was unable to pick up the stitches again after frogging the mess of a flap.

I wound up having to frog the whole thing and starting over. I've cast on the 48 stitches and just left it be for now.

I'm pretty ticked off at myself at the moment. All that work for nothing.

Finished My First Pair Of Socks

I finally finished my first pair of socks. House socks out of cheap Wal Mart worsted weight yarn. Not fancy or anything but as their only my second project, I'm kind of proud of them.

They actually fit and amazingly enough they actually came out the same size. I was convinced I'd wind up with two different sized socks somehow.

Now I have to decide what I am going to try next. Another pair of socks, an Irish Hiking Scarf to learn cabling, or a hat. Decisions, decisions.