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Socks again, woo!

Here's a picture of some more socks I made. I love them. They're so comfortable and great for long walks. They feel like all-around foot cushions!

Advice on short-row heels? What's your favourite method?

Well, I've spent almost all of my summer on this one sock, which for various reasons—the FIFA World Cup being a distracting culprit—has been done and redone many times.

Progress so far

Two pictures of the several rows of jumper I've done so far.

Not too impressive yet, but the detail on the ribbing's coming through nicely.

Starting knitting again

After several years' absence I have decided to start knitting again. I want to knit a replacement jumper for one of my favourites which now has holes in it where it was chewed up by my friend's pet rats!

Something simple to get me back into the swing of things with a basic 2x2 ribbed pattern all the way up.