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Still Alive

Good evening friends...

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Western NY Men's Knitting Retreat?

Anyone Interested?

I'm about 30 minutes north of Rochester right on Lake Ontario....

Grace and Peace,

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OT: Hello New York!

Although I haven't been able to tell more than a few of you yet, I'm now free to announce it more publicly: We are moving to New York!

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Cable Guy Done!!

I'm pretty happy with it....

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Cable Guy Question (Son of a SnB)

Good evening all!

I’m almost done with the Cable Guy pattern (in Son of a Stitch n Bitch), but have a few questions on the last page.

It’s pg 79 in SoaSNB.

Rnd 1 of the Neck Shaping.

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Cozy & 1st Chart Attempt

Well... I bought the Intwined software. It's REALLY easy to use. The problem is, I'm not particularly experienced with charts.

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Nook - with clothes on...

I thought that might get your attention :-)

Finally managed to accomplish a decent cover for the Nook JJ gave me for Christmas!

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OT: Baby Announcement

I wanted to drop a note to all of you; just in case you haven't been on facebook and/or didn't otherwise hear...

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Care for Woolens tag... ??

Several months ago, I saw a copy of a tag someone worked up to give with their handknit, woolen gifts for instructing the receiver how to care for, launder, etc. the gift.